Mini Ethernet Media Converter


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Mini Ethernet Media Converter

Media Converter

Mini Fast Ethernet Media Converter

Provides cost effective, entry level media conversion for physical layer fiber integration into copper based environments. With its fixed configuration, deployment is easy, just plug and play, and with its small size, it is ideal for locations where space is at a premium.

Fiber Integration
Used in pairs or as a single unit, this mini media converter will ease the integration of fiber optic cabling into copper-rich Fast Ethernet environments

Extend Network Distance
Fiber supports the transmission of Fast Ethernet data over much longer distances than is possible twisted pair

Low-Latency Design
As a layer-1 design, this Mini converter will retransmit Fast Ethernet signals without any store-and-forward packet inspection delays found in other layer-2 devices

Small Size
65% smaller than standard media converter – ideal for conversion locations where available space is at a

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