Media Converter Rack 12 slot


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Media Converter Rack 12 slot

Converter Rack

12-slot Media Converter 


  • Flexible Design for Growing Networks
    Simplify your installation of Transition Networks’ stand-alone media converters with the Media Converter Rack. This 19”rack mountable unit supports up to twelve media converters while the unique design allows for multiple connections, consolidated into a single device, making network connections easier and more efficient.
  • Space Saving Design
    This device is powered by a single internal universal power supply; eliminating the need for the multiple power connections often associated with multiple converter installations. The unit saves space in the wiring closet by providing a means for mounting 12 converters in 3 units of rack space while reducing the number of wall outlet power connections required.
  • Convenience
    The media converters are hot-swappable. They can also be removed from the rack, powered externally, and used as stand-alone units in new applications as your network needs change in the future.
  • Cost Effective
    Easily rack mount the single-wide, 12volt powered, Transition Networks media converters that you already own, or buy stand alone units today and rack mount them in the future.
  • Includes
    12 Universal rack mount brackets for each converter.

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