12Port TP Cat6 surge protection

ALLNET’s ALL95112 12Port TP Cat6 surge protection has one input and one output per port and can be safely accommodated in the server cabinet thanks to its 19 inch metal housing. The devices connected via the ALLNET ALL95112 device are reliably protected against current fluctuations, such as during thunderstorms or over voltages.

The great advantage of the 19-inch version is the convenient option of equipping several network devices with surge protection in a neat and space-saving manner. All network-capable (ALL-IP connections) WITHOUT PHANTOMIC VOLTAGE, ADSL or VDSL devices can be connected via the device and reliably protected against overvoltage damage. Since the signals are only looped through, the PoE power supply with up to 90 watts via LTPoE++ is still possible without restrictions. In addition, all speed levels up to Gigabit are supported without any loss of speed.

In the event of power fluctuations, the discharge capacity is up to 10kA per port, which enables effective protection of the connected devices. With the ALLNET ALL95112 12Port TP Cat6 surge protection, devices connected via PoE, such as IP cameras or access points, can be protected against damage.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Plug and Play installation
  • Reliable surge protection for all devices with a network connection: Switches, Router, Firewall, xDSL Modem, ISDN, NoteBook, PC / Server, Television, Multimedia Devices
  • Suitable in both indoors and outdoors

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