2GHz GigaXtend Hardline MultiPort Taps


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2GHz GigaXtend Hardline MultiPort Taps

The GigaXtend™ family of taps injects immediate cost and performance benefits into existing HFC networks, as well as positions cable operators to seamlessly extend the bandwidth capabilities of their HFC networks to 2GHz and beyond.

GigaXtend technology is essential to MSOs looking to minimize costs associated with N+0 deployments, eliminate amplifier re-spacing or reduce the need for additional amplifiers during bandwidth upgrades, or simply want to extend the spectrum of the HFC network beyond 2GHz. A further benefit of GigaXtend is future support for RF performance beyond 3GHz through a simple faceplace upgrade. GigaXtend is compatible with any delivery technology, including Frequency Division Duplexed (FDD), Full Duplex DOCSIS (FDX), as well as Extended Spectrum DOCSIS (ESD).


Key Features and Benefits:

  • Industry-leading loss and bandwidth extends reach and power of any outside plant, especially fiber deep Node+0 deployments and may upgrade plant bandwidth without amplifier respacing
  • Reversed faceplate options of all tap SKUs, supporting change of RF direction in plant
  • Base supports future faceplate upgrade of > 3GHz
  • >15A continuous AC power passing, with uninterruptable AC/RF bypass
  • Optional: Up to 3A drop power on single F tap port (powering small cell, 5G, etc) Not yet available.
  • Plug in conditioner, supporting Cable Sim/EQ or Return Attenuation
  • 90-degree, screw-less 5/8-24 entry port, increasing reliability and installation speed
  • Environmentally hardened, powder-coated, chip resistant aluminum housing for extreme outdoor conditions
  • Waterproof and RFI gaskets in faceplate. New material with any faceplate upgrade.

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