SmartPocket V2 OMK-35V2/-36V2/-38V2 Optical Test Kits


SmartPocket V2 OMK-35V2/-36V2/-38V2 Optical Test Kits

The SmartPocket OMK-35V2 is an SM kit with an OLS-35V2 and an OLP-35V2 for Telecom applications while OMK-38V2 is a high-power SM kit with an OLS-35V2 and an OLP-38V2 for CATV and amplified DWDM applications up to +26 dBm. The OMK-36V2 is a quad SM/MM kit with an OLS-36V2 and an OLP-35V2 for Enterprise LAN/WAN applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Ready when you need it – ultra-high reliability and high availability
  • – Dependable, German design
    – Designed with outdoor environment in mind
    – Low power consumption for extended continuous use
    – Instant On – no boot time
  • Easy to use
  • – High-Visibility backlit graphical display with context-sensitive softkey
    – No setup ‘OptiChek’ measurement mode
    – Fast Auto-λ, Multi-λ mode (~ 1 sec)
    – Clear pass/fail information
    – Automatic upload of results via VIAVI Mobile Tech application

Key Features:

  • Broadband power meter with Dual SM or Quad SM/MM sources
  • Fiber Tracing – detecting optical light source tone(s)
  • Storage for > 1000 test results and PC download capability
  • Bluetooth low energy connectivity to the VIAVI Mobile Tech App
  • 3-year warranty and recalibration period


  • Measuring optical power levels and link insertion loss for both SM and MM networks
  • Network Build and Maintenance for:
  • – Enterprise/LAN
    – Access and Metro (LAN/WAN)
    – FTTx (e.g. Home/Antenna)
  • Standard and high-power level tests for use in telecom, CATV, and military applications build

All Optical Test Kits include accessories: soft case, neck-straps, bag, dry AA batteries, universal AC power adapter, quick start guide, switchable optical adapter FC.


The VIAVI SmartPocket V2 Optical Test Kits (OMK-3xV2) is the new generation of pocket-sized and rugged instruments for installing and maintaining single mode (SM) and multimode (MM) fiber-optic networks. All test kits are equipped with an optical power meter and a dual or quad-wavelength optical light source dedicated to power level, insertion loss measurements, and continuity checks.

A lightweight, shock-resistant splash-proof design and an extended operating time make OMK-3xV2 test kits ideal solutions for field use. A switchable adapter system on the light source with a universal push-pull (UPP) adapter on the power meter that handles all 2.5 mm connectors (1.25mm as optional accessory) makes the OMK-3xV2 test kit ready for every connector type in the field.


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