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mini Pocket Cable Tester

MapMaster mini RJ45 Cable Tester

The MapMaster mini detects faults and locations of RJ45 net-work cables. Good terminations, causes of faulty and locations of cables are displayed on an LCD display. A set of five mapping remotes is included for locating cables terminated in wall jacks or patch panels. A built-in tone generator with 4 different tone combinations can be used with a tone probe to detect where a cable is routed and the location of the end of the cable.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Large LCD displays TIA/EIA568A/B Wiremap sequence & easy identifies faults
  • Continuity Tests Identifies Shorts, Opens, Miswires, Reversals and Split pairs
  • Identifies Network ID-Only Remotes Set #1-5
  • Compatible with up to two test and map Remotes
  • Quickly identify unlabeled network cables
  • Built-in tone generator with 4 tone cadences
  • Trace/locate network cables and locate breaks/opens in network cabling
  • Single Multi-Function button operates test functions, tone generation, and ID-Only remotes location
  • Self-storing remote
  • Auto power off prevents depletion of battery power

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