Webinar: Fronthaul | Midhaul | Backhaul Transport and Synchronization Test

Wednesday, September 16th 2:00pm AEST This webinar will provide an overview of new capabilities that emerging transport and synchronization technologies to meet the needs of 5G services. It describes some of the critical field deployment use cases that demand new transport and synchronization testing methodologies. Examples include eCPRI/O-RAN, RoE, SPN/G.mtn and TSN testing. Register for … Read more

ADVA brings next-gen synchronization to power utility networks

Meet Emily and the future of smart grid networks

Enhanced Oscilloquartz portfolio enables seamless transition to PTP timing from the core to the substation ADVA has upgraded its complete portfolio of Oscilloquartz PTP grandmaster clocks, enabling power utilities to smoothly transition to packet network synchronization. The enhanced technology will empower electricity providers to evolve their infrastructure into smart grids based on Precision Time Protocol … Read more

Timing flexibility for technology migration

Albedo Net.Time a new Generation Clock

Net.Time Ταυ is conceived as a new-generation clock intended to facilitate the transition from to the new PTP networks. With this purpose in mind Net.Time offers seamless translation between SNTP and PTP presenting a wide variety of inputs / outputs for primary or backup time references. Net.Time an industry-wide solution Net.Time Ταυ represents the state-of-the-art … Read more

Are you facing Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) shortages?

Are you facing Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) shortages?

The demand for fast reliable networks is escalating with millions of people working from home. The urgent need for increased cleaning everywhere has caused isopropyl alcohol shortage. So what's the best cleaning method for network installers to use when IPA is in short supply. For fiber optics installation and maintenance, Sticklers fiber optic splicing connector … Read more

Next Generation Ethernet Tester

Albedo Ether.Giga

Ether.Giga is a dual port tester equipped with all standard features, plus new ones such as eSAM, Multistream, FCS error insertion, etc. to quickly install, validate or troubleshoot Ethernet and IP networks, while verifying the Quality of the new Multiplay applications. The ‘state-of-the-art’ Ether.Giga is a field instrument capable to check the Connectivity, the Performance, … Read more

PoE: The Future of Connectivity

How will PoE Transform Your Network?

Watch and Learn how Transition Networks Power over Ethernet (PoE) solutions make it easy to connect, power and manage your devices wherever you need them. If you’d like more information, call us on 1800 COVERTEL (1800 268 378) or send us an email at info@covertel.com.au. Feel free to browse thru our PoE Products and if you … Read more

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