VIAVI Solutions announces the redesign and update of its OTDR product range

Discover Discover a new experience in OTDR #Fiber Testing

New portfolio of OTDR coupled with new user experience for: SmartOTDR, T-BERD/MTS-2000 V2, -4000 V2, -5800, OneAdvisor-800, OneAdvisor-1000, and CellAdvisor 5G platforms. VIAVI announced the release of an enhanced range of OTDR solutions, a powerful combination of advanced OTDR modules coupled with a completely new user experience. In the next three years, fiber deployment likely … Read more

Top Three Tactics for Optimizing DDoS Resiliency Testing

Three Tactics for Optimizing DDoS Resiliency Testing

Cybersecurity is built to protect computer systems and networks from theft, damage, and service disruption from attacks such as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS). DDoS attacks work by taking a target website or online service offline by overwhelming the target or its surrounding infrastructure with a flood of internet traffic. Although DDoS attacks have been around for more … Read more

Build a Future-Ready Resilient Workforce with High-Impact Automation

RPA What To Automate Infographic

More savvy business leaders are now acting on the urgent need to leverage automation to thrive in our new reality. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) performs the manual, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks that eat up so much of each workday allowing employees to focus on more strategic and fulfilling work. You also gain competitive advantages that … Read more

VIAVI announces OneAdvisor-800 Blind Scan capability for simplified, accelerated over-the-air testing

Viavi Solutions OneAdvisor-800

VIAVI Solutions has announced the availability of Blind Scan capability for the OneAdvisor-800 platform. Adding to the growing set of innovative, simplified RF testing capabilities on the OneAdvisor-800, Blind Scan: Provides an auto-discovery mode that quickly detects active RF channels at any selected location Enables technicians to validate active 4G, 5G and 5G DSS services, … Read more

Work doesn’t have to be a 4-Letter word, let’s show you with RPA

Intro to RPA - The Way We Work Whitepaper

Do you waste too much time on dull, repetitive tasks? If so, you’re far from alone. Rather than ease work demands, technology seems to have created more tasks for most of us. That’s why Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has swiftly become the go-to solution to eliminate repetitive, tedious tasks, and free people to work in … Read more

Introducing the Next Generation SmartPocket Family

Viavi's SmartPocket Family

Building on the strength of the popular VIAVI SmartPocket line, the SmartPocket V2 is a family of pocket-sized optical handheld tools that are rugged for field use, including the industries smallest, most compact wavelength (λ) selective PON power meter for G/E-PON and XGS-PON/10G-EPON deployments. SmartPocket V2 is supported by the Mobile Tech App (MTA) for … Read more

Achieving Microsecond Time Sync Accuracy

Test PTP and NTP Sync in Datacenters with Calnex Solutions' Sentinel

It’s been reported that in 2020 every human on the planet created 1.7 megabytes of information every second. This continued growth in data generation, driven by applications providing video streaming, social media, online gaming and financial trading at the fingertips of users worldwide, is creating a data challenge for providers. In order to deliver lower … Read more

ADVA launches industry’s most compact timing solution for digital power substations

ADVA has launched its OSA 5405-P substation grandmaster, an ultra-compact synchronization solution specifically designed for the digital transformation of power utility networks. The OSA 5405-P delivers the precise and reliable timing that utilities need to leverage new smart grid applications, including intelligent power generation, distribution and control systems. The solution protects mission-critical infrastructure from the … Read more

The ultimate guide to the best 10 network cable testers of 2021

If you’re a network electrician looking for the latest network cable testers you would have noticed the sheer variety available on the market. Whether your troubleshooting existing cables or installing new cable, having a quality network cable tester is a must-have tool for all professional network technician’s. Even if you are not a professional, our … Read more

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