Are you having trouble removing adhesives, grease, gum or anything sticky??


Why is icky pic so hard to clean? It’s not — if you have the right icky pic cleaner. The stuff is “icky” because the gel is petroleum-based, highly viscous fluid that resists water and weak solvents. You’ll find icky pic on all the cables that are engineered for outside plant, and they’re usually the … Read more

Increase Cyber Resilience with Advanced Cyber Ranges

Military Cyber Range Use Case

Whether testing new SW releases, IT infrastructure or implementing a new Cyber Range, the security requirements within this market are significantly more stringent than standard commercial markets meaning a need for a “Permissions based Architecture” as well as ensuring each communications path is “Hardened” to safeguard against crosstalk. Deploying a secure, automated and transparent lab … Read more

ADVA delivers unprecedented precision in timing networks with TrueTime™

Earlier this month, ADVA announced a new and robust way to deliver unprecedented levels of precision in timing networks. Built on TrueTime™ technology, this new end-to-end solution will prove key for 5G, smart grid and other time-sensitive applications. Unlike other delivery mechanisms, TrueTime™ uses PTP-optimized optical transport to provide accurate synchronization from the core of … Read more

Protect Your Workplace with Infrared Thermal Scanning

Elevated Skin Temperature Screening

As we move towards ‘COVID normal’, many aspects of life are returning to normal and work is no exception, with many businesses contemplating the re-opening of offices and other workplaces. But reopening businesses and buildings is challenging, because the virus is a hidden threat. Not with InfraSensing by ServersCheck’s EST IR Spot EST Thermal Camera … Read more

Launch Mission Critical Solutions with Confidence

Mission Critical Solutions Use Case

Deploying a secure, automated, and transparent lab infrastructure poses many challenges for Government and Military agencies including defence contractors and suppliers, the complexity of supporting multiple environments whilst maintaining security is by no means an easy accomplishment, in fact, it could result in issues worsening if all requirements and associated challenges are not highlighted at … Read more

Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR) Poster

Download this poster for an excellent guide to Optical Time Domain Reflectometry (OTDR). Learn what OTDR measures and how to configure OTDR settings. The poster also serves as a guide to OTDR trace analysis and Smart Link Mapper icon-based fiber link views. The poster is available immediately as a digital download.

How to Make Smart Infrastructure Easy

When it comes to connecting and powering your IoT devices, find out why Transition Networks Power over Ethernet solutions are specifically designed for your next smart city or smart building project. Want to see how it will work for you? Call us on 1800 268 378 or send us an email at

Technology that breaks limits

Raycap Strikesorb Surge Protective Device Product Family

Strikesorb is a patented technology from Raycap that ensures the continuous protection of mission-critical equipment. This unique surge protective device (SPD) provides a very safe solution to any environment because it eliminates the use of materials that could burn, smoke, or explode. Strikesorb SPDs are tested and certified according to international safety and performance standards, … Read more

Technical Briefs: Partial Timing Support

Partial Timing Support - New Technical Briefs

The ITU-T has recently approved Recommendation G.8273.4. This standard defines how Partial Timing Support (PTS) is applied to networks using IEEE 1588 PTP, and the performance of clocks designed to work in the PTS synchronization architecture. The Technical Briefs below provide valuable insight into the progression of today’s network timing. This document provides an overview of what … Read more

Test the performance of your Next Generation Firewall and Security Devices

The dynamics of network use are changing dramatically with remote working. Getting visibility into your network security infrastructure performance is vital to understanding the user experience and focusing on revenue growth. In this webinar, we will be covering the important aspects involved in NGFW and security device testing. TeraVM Goal seeking controller. Click the run … Read more

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