Network Emulator capable of managing full Gbit stream with an accuracy better than 1ms

Net.Storm can simulate the packet network dynamics by means of controlled packet delay, loss, error and duplication. It is fundamental to test the impact of these impairments that have such a strong impact on the Quality of Experience of devices, nodes, protocols and applications such as VoIP, IPTV, VoD, FTP, and critical data.

Features and Benefits

  • Exact replication of any traffic condition (delay, jitter, loss, error, duplication, ...)
  • Multiple traffic patterns (uniform, exponential, burst, random, two-state random, ...)
  • Strict bandwidth control in fr/s or bit/s
  • Filters based on MAC, IP, TCP, UDP, Payload...
  • Wire-speed performance at full duplex rate
  • Accuracy better than <1μs at FDX Gbit/s


  • Roll out of IEEE 1588v2 -Packet Time Protocol
  • Check critical data applications
  • Tolerance of services to QoS degradation
  • Assured service and SLA verification
  • Identification of degraded sources
  • Testing IPTV / VoIP / Multiplay developments
  • Stability networking resources
  • Deployment of circuit emulation services (CES) over packet-switched networks

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