Road map to a Hydrogen Society

In March 2015 CoverTel Power attended the World Smart Energy Week In Japan, featuring the 11th International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Expo 2015. Japan is by far the global leader in the development of Hydrogen Fuelled Economy. It strongly embraces all aspects of the Hydrogen Supply chain with projects plans presently out to 2040.

From the development of the world leading Hydrogen motor vehicle – the Mirai – to supporting the athletes village completely using Hydrogen in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, Japan is presently budgeting over 75 billion yen towards its Roadmap to a Hydrogen Society.

Detailed notes from keynote speakers titled “Road map to a Hydrogen Society – Progress in Policy making, Infrastructure & FCV Development” is now available for your study and review. Should you wish to receive a soft copy of this document via email please email Mario Cacchione at

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