Improve Install Validation with Viavi’s PathTrak PNM HomeTrak

Improve Install Reliability, Service Quality, and Reduce Call Backs

PathTrak PNM HomeTrak now available for comprehensive install validation

Viavi Solutions introduces PathTrak PNM HomeTrak for install validation. Leveraging existing PathTrak PNM data, HomeTrak provides a live spot check to determine if an install is free from physical layer impairments that may impact service quality or cause an early life fail triggering a repeat truck roll. PathTrak PNM HomeTrak identifies plant weaknesses which manifest as upstream impairments that can impact service performance, a powerful tool based on proven CableLabs® technology.


  • Know the physical install is good before you leave the customer site
  • Simple ‘traffic light’ color coding shows if impairments are present and can be fixed locally or should be handed off to network groups
  • Higher quality ‘validated’ installs mean better DOCSIS 3.1 service performance
  • Increase first time fix/install rate and reduce repeat truck rolls

PathTrak HFC Monitoring System
Actionable insight; simple tool tells if you have a robust install

Use Case: Post install/repair, check the install for physical layer impairments using your phone or tablet; Green lights – you’re good to go, Amber – problem exists between tap port and CPE that should be fixed before leaving, Red – impairment is in the network feeding the drop, best hand the fault off to networks.

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