Imergy’s vanadium redox flow batteries on the Solar Choice website

Australian solar energy brokers Solar Choice recently published a piece on Imergy’s cutting-edge flow batteries (which Covertel distributes in Australia, PNG and the Pacific Islands). The Solar Choice website is one of the most widely-accessed solar information portals in Australia, with over 100,000 visitors monthly.

Since 2008, the company has been providing free and informative Solar Quote Comparisons for homes around the country. They also manage tenders for commercial projects and are in the process of developing some of the largest projects in Australia – including the 2GW Bulli Creek Solar Farm.

Battery storage has recently become a hot topic on the residential front, according to Solar Choice. “Since the beginning of the year, Solar Choice has witnessed a tremendous increase in interest in solar battery storage among our customers – and from every thing we understand, we’re not the only ones seeing this,” said James Martin, an analyst at Solar Choice.

“However, there is still only a very basic understanding of how energy storage systems work and how the various options differ from one another. Most customers are not yet prepared to make a decision,” he said.

“Most of them know about lead acid batteries or have heard about lithium-ion batteries. But there’s still very little awareness around the more groundbreaking technologies like Imergy’s vanadium redox flow batteries. This is despite their relatively good performance, competitive value – and the fact that they are already available here in Australia.

“There is a urgent need for consumer education around batteries. For this reason, Solar Choice recently introduced a battery storage comparison platform with the aim of bringing transparency to this burgeoning industry.”

Imergy’s batteries are now proving their value in many fringe-of-grid and off-grid excess primary power storage applications. Their applications are presently mainly rural, commercial / industrial in nature and they are now becoming increasingly attractive for ordinary grid-connect residential situations where becoming less dependent on the grid is a suitable option.

Read Solar Choice’s full article about Imergy’s batteries here

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