How network emulation can help Enterprise IT managers

Calnex Network Emulation

How network emulation can help Enterprise IT managers

By Peter Whitten, Product Manager, Calnex

If you are an Enterprise IT manager, your role is a complex one and has been made more challenging by the demands for improved remote working and the growth of new technologies. Traditional WAN, based on leased connections between large offices have been replaced by a more agile software-defined architecture or application offload to the cloud. Here, the Network Emulator Test Tool explores six ways to help you recreate the effects of a WAN by modeling common conditions such as delay, jitter, and packet loss.

New application rollout

Before moving to production, you need to deploy new applications on your current network and monitor their behavior. You also need to monitor the various network segments in your network.

Comparing user experience at different locations

Branch A has a higher available bandwidth than Branch B. You want to make a comparison between the user experience at both locations to understand the differences in user experience for a new application you are about to deploy.

SD WAN deployment

Now you need to model the impact on the same application, but in this case you should do it before migrating to the new SD-WAN service. More than 50 connections need to be modeled based on different technologies (MPLS, Internet, 5G, etc.). All of these differ in delay, packet loss, or available bandwidth.

Benchmarking new communications links

You are considering investment into new communications links with a certain level of latency, bandwidth, etc. You want to understand how your applications will behave under the proposed conditions.

Cloud migration

You are considering migrating your existing services to the cloud, but you need to understand the performance implications before performing such steps. Alternatively, after performing these steps, you need to configure the appropriate SLAs with your service provider for delays, packet loss, and so on.

Rightsizing your network

Company feedback that application performance is slow makes it seem that there is not enough bandwidth to support a particular application. You need to determine the appropriate level of service you need to engage in. For each of the above examples, the network emulator objectively evaluates whether what you are planning is working or how to optimize your plan. Also, options from 1GbE to 100GbE cover most situations.

Calnex SNE emulates REAL WORLD conditions and verifies the USER EXPERIENCE. To download the datasheet, please click here. If you'd like more information or would like to arrange a demo call us on 1800 268 378.

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