Complete Solution: Never accidentally remove the wrong cable again

Use PatchPal for a complete solution to simplify, identify, install, maintain, and monitor any large-scale physical network using RFID technology.

PatchPal is designed to solve problematic and inefficient labeling practices. Although primarily in fiber-optic networks, it can be applied in any type of cabling application. Cables can come pre-RFID ready eliminating the need to manually attach written labels.

The system is so easy to use, you can literally do some parts with your eyes closed!

Watch the video below

PatchPal RFID Cable Management consists of:

  • RFID-enabled cables/connectors (optical, structured, power, etc) and devices
  • Handheld RFID read/write PDA
  • PatchPal™ PDA application
  • Backend database: RFID device and data management and reporting platform

Automate your Cable Management with RFID and save significant time and money!

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